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Furnace Repair In Irving, TX and Surrounding Areas

If your furnace isn’t working properly, it is important to complete furnace repairs in Irving, TX, as soon as possible. Before you start any repair, you should understand how a furnace works and what common problems can occur. This will help you troubleshoot the issue or know when to call in a professional, helping you make the best decision for your home. Contact us today for furnace repair in Irving, TX and surrounding areas.

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Common Problems With Furnaces

  • Thermostat: The thermostat is the device that controls the temperature in your home. If it is not working correctly, the furnace will not turn on or off at the correct time. This can be a problem with the wiring or the actual thermostat itself. It also could be as simple as forgetting to set the temperature.

  • Filters: Dirty filters can cause issues, and dirty filters will restrict airflow. The furnace will have to work harder to circulate air, leading to several problems. The most common problem is that the furnace will not heat the home as efficiently as possible.

  • Dirty Sensors: A dirty or covered flame sensor will prevent the furnace from igniting. This is a common problem if you have a gas furnace.

  • Short Cycling: If the furnace turns on and off too frequently, it could be due to several issues. The most common problem is that the thermostat is set too low. This causes the furnace to heat the home more than necessary, causing it to cycle more often.

  • Noisy Operation: If your furnace makes strange noises, it could be due to several issues. One common problem is that the blower wheel is dirty or damaged. This will cause the furnace to work harder and make more noise.

    Cracked Heat Exchanger: A cracked heat exchanger is a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately. If the heat exchanger is damaged, it could leak carbon monoxide into your home. This is a hazardous problem that can be deadly.

For a cracked heat exchanger especially, contact Aval Air Conditioning & Heating for expert furnace repair in Irving, TX. But if you’re experiencing any other issue with your furnace and need a professional, we’re here to help!

Ways You Can Troubleshoot

If you have problems with your furnace, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue yourself. Some of the simpler fixes allow you to handle the situation independently, but you will need to call a professional furnace installation in Irving, TX when it’s a more serious problem.

The following are the most common DIY repairs:

  • Thermostat:
  1. Check the thermostat to see if it is set correctly.
  2. Check the batteries and make sure they are working.
  3. If the thermostat is not the issue, check the furnace itself.
  • Filters: Check your filters. If they are dirty, replace them with new ones. This is an easy fix that you can do yourself.

  • Reset the Furnace: If the furnace does not turn on, you can try to reset it. This is done by turning off the power to the furnace at the breaker box and then turning it back on.

  • Check the Breaker Box: If the furnace does not turn on, it could be because the breaker has tripped. Check the breaker box and flip the switch back on if it has been tripped.

  • Short Cycling: Check the thermostat to see if it is set too low. If it is, adjust it to a higher setting. This will prevent the furnace from cycling too often.

If you cannot troubleshoot the problem, it is time to call a professional. At Aval Air Conditioning & Heating, our certified technicians will be able to diagnose the issue and quickly make the necessary repairs. Contact us today to book an appointment

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